We provide Living Memorial soil blend direct for consumer use. We also work through other partnerships to provide our soil including as a white label solution.

One of our main areas of business is working with leading crematoria owners and land managers who are dealing with the impact of the toxicity of cremated remains on an ongoing basis.
Typically, this might be in crematoria grounds and memorial planting areas where cremated remains have been planted or scattered in large quantities over time and those areas are showing clear signs of the negative impact.

This might be where rose bushes are not flourishing, where shrubs and trees are struggling and areas of lawn do not grow.

This is the simple '5 step Living Memorial soil assessment' process we follow:

Once you contact us, we will arrange to visit your site to take some samples of your soil.

We’ll provide these to our soil scientist who will produce a written scientific assessment of the condition of that soil.

If necessary, we’ll provide you with a proposed course of treatment using Living Memorial soil blend to enable the earth to return to a more natural balance.

We’ll provide advice and guidance as required to help you apply that treatment to your crematoria and grounds.

We’ll keep in touch with you to understand the progress you are making and will gladly return to take further soil readings.

Who we partner with:

Woodland Burial Company
Forget Me Nott
Our current client list includes crematoria owners and land managers who buy and use our soil in bulk. We also have partners who sell and distribute Living Memorial soil blend under separate arrangements.

One of our key clients is Co-Op, one of the leading firms in the end of life sector and a leading network of funeral directors in the UK. This is what they say about Living Memorial soil blend.

"We are proud to work with Living Memorial to supply this unique soil through our network of funeral directors for people looking to plant a memorial tree or plant for a loved one."

To find out more about how we could help your business, or to enquire about a wholesale partnership, please contact Dan Shelton, Head of Business Development on 07811 348 278 or email to d.shelton@livingmemorial.co.uk