Testimonials: For a Person

"The grounds at Exeter Crematorium are very beautiful, however as a gardener I was rather sad to see the rose beds were not flourishing quite as they should be. My partner adored roses particularly David Austin roses. There is a really lovely woman who arranges the interment of ashes and she advised me that someone had used your Living Memorial soil blend. I read your booklet ‘the problem with human ashes’ and I was shocked as it was not something I had previously considered. Of course, when one reads the theory it all makes complete sense. So, when my order of your soil arrived at my home I mixed my partner’s ashes with the soil blend in preparation for them being placed in his memorial plot at Exeter Crematorium. I personally placed the soil beneath a beautiful David Austin rose, ‘Desdemona’. This was in late September. I will prune and feed the rose in spring and will be happy to give you feedback as to how it flourishes from here on."
- Maggie S – Exeter

"I’d like to say thank you for such a wonderful idea in the first place, which I happened across when I had done some research online about living memorials. Most did seem to be overseas rather than the UK, and yours looked perfect for what I wanted and wow the results were incredible. The living memorial is for the ashes of my mum who sadly passed away just a year ago no. I bought her a lovely yellow rose, and the roses were so beautiful, and they have just bloomed again this month which is so lovely. I have attached photos of the rose before and after planting so you can see how amazing the Living Memorial soil has made the roses. So beautiful. Thank you again for having this available, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for something special to remember their loved ones."
- Jodie D
Living Memorial soil blend in use
Customer testimonial - Living memorial soil blend in use

"We had no idea that human cremated remains were harmful to the earth. We wanted to plant a tree in memory of Grandma as she loved to spend time in the garden and she loved nature. Living Memorial soil blend allowed us to plant a beautiful tree safe in the knowledge it was being kind to the earth and would allow the tree to flourish and grow for many years to come."
- SC, Hallatrow, Bath

"I purchased Living Memorial soil blend after having trouble getting permission to scatter my father’s ashes in the grounds of a chapel that he wanted to reside in. Obviously, this wasn’t ideal but he was a keen gardener and was often round at my house doing bits and bobs in the garden. As a tribute to him we scattered his ashes under the lilac tree at the bottom of the garden and planted a Euonymus nearby in his memory. It felt good to know we weren’t doing any environmental damage with the planting. Simon was very helpful, kind and supportive in the purchase. I often look out of the bedroom window to the spot where Dad is and think of him."
- J.R.

Testimonials: For a Pet

"Holly the labrador was part of our family for 14 years. We kept her cremated ashes as we wanted to plant a tree in the garden where she happily spent most of her time. Living Memorial soil blend meant we could plant her ashes confident that the tree would grow and be a constant and beautiful reminder of how special she was."

- PB, Warfield, Berkshire

"I found Living Memorial after lots of googling trying to find out how I could plant my pet's ashes. We had to have our cat put to sleep which my husband and I were devastated about. I knew straight away that I wanted to have a plant to remember him by. By using your product, we could plant his ashes in with a pot grown Christmas tree and when we brought it inside for Christmas it was extra special. We had a positive experience with Living Memorial. The instructions were very clear and it was easy to use."
- Mrs H

"We are always looking to offer our families and owners more choice when it comes to memorial options for their cherished pets. We knew that cremated remains were bad for plants but were surprised to learn just how damaging they were to the ground they grow in. There are numerous urns and keepsakes we offer to store the cremated ashes, but this was the only product we could find that actively encourages you to grow a living memorial and utilise the ashes in a positive way."
- Sarah Kerr, Forget Me Notts Pet Crematorium